Total Duration: 7 weeks

Course Outlines:

  • Computer Fundamentals and Internet)
  • Introduction to web design principles and software
  • HTML and CSS
  • Responsive design and user experience
  • Web graphics and multimedia
  • Website optimization and accessibility

Key Features

Understand the key principles of web design

Develop proficiency in using industry-standard software and tools

Learn how to create effective and attractive web pages

Hosting and server knowledge

Course Content

- What is domain, hosting and nameserver?

- What is frontend and backend?

- A glance at a live server

- How to design a web page?

- How to style a webpage using CSS stylesheet and Bootstrap?

- What is JavaScript? How to use JavaScript in web page?

- How to structure a web page?

- Responsive web design and media queries

- Xampp Installation

- Local server: PHP version, htdocs

- PHPMyAdmin Overview

- A glance at web servers and database engine

- Editor (Visual Studio Code)

- Run a local server and check the output


Database Essentials: Tables, Primary Key, Foreign key, Database relationship and Joins

Database Structure planning

Database design and development

Database queries:

- SELECT (along with other functions and clauses)








 - What is dynamic web page?

- PHP Fundamentals (Syntax, variable declaration, print, data types, operators, built-in functions, conditions, loops and array)

- Form and HTTP Request type

- What is Class and Functions?

- PHP Laravel framework Setup and database configuration

- Backend development using Laravel framework


What is wordpress ? 

How to install wordpress on server ?

Basic Customization of wordpress theme.

Plugins and its usages

CMS Learning

What is digital marketing ?

Handling social media managmenet

Basic Marketing tips

Design with Canva