Total Duration: 10 weeks


Key Features


Course Content

 - Introduction (composer, MVC design pattern, route, folder structure)

- Route (api and web) with csrf protection

- Artisan (Project build using CLI)

- Project requirement analysis (self-decided project)

- Database Structure planning

- Database design and development (with migration)

- Database relationship management

-  Data seeding with Laravel Seeders.

- Large amount of DB seed with Laravel Factory.

- Eloquent ORM to work with MYSQL

Create Controller (C) for business logic

- Create model (M) to work with database

- Create blade templates (V) for view page

- A glance at complete request and response cycle

- Middleware

- Templating with blade syntax

- Cookies and Session

- Built-in and custom Helper Functions

- Laravel authentication

- Form Validation

- Exception handling

- Database transactions

- Service Providers

- Encryption

- Mail

- Pagination

- File Upload

- Cross Site Request Forgery

- Planning of frontend and backend design templates

- Pages flow

- UI/UX planning and development

- Implementation of requirements on the basis of SWOT analysis

- Test Cases

- Code optimization

- Database query optimization

- Asynchronous AJAX calls 

- Generic knowledge on domain, nameserver and hosting

- Live server deployment