Total Duration: 10 weeks

Key Features

Course Content

- Software Tools Introduction

- JDK 11 Setup

- SDK setup

- Java 11 guidelines and Tips

- User CLI inputs

- Variables and operators

- Conditional Statements

- Methods, encapsulation, this keyword

- Java Collection frameworks and Iterators

- Java Objects and Type Casting

- Exceptions and Debugging

- Inheritance, Interface and Abstract

- Java Generics

- Design patterns

- Defining the modern age of microservices

- Spring boot and its introductions

- Software engineering practices

- Environment setup (JDK 11, SDK, Git, Postman)

- Implementing Java Data Access Object pattern

- Version control system and Head start with spring boot

- Controller and Http Request Types, Thymeleaf and CRUD application using arraylist

- JPA, Hibernate ORM and QueryDSL

- Rest API and JSON

- Model Mapper and DTO

- Creating Generic Service and Controller

- Unit testing and Integration Testing with Test Driven Development

- Enhancing and Optimizing code and Deploying Application